Car Detailing

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent efforts!

Car Detailing

Does a bad smell welcome you when you get in your car?
Do you see a lot of swirl marks on your car’s body, windscreen or mirrors from your previous car washes?
Does the dirt trapped in wheels, rims, and hidden corners is becoming hard to get rid?
Do the seats and carpets of your car are home to mildew, food crumbs, and children’s messes?

If your car is a mess, a quick express wash won’t do the work.

Drive your dirt-covered car to Mum Sport’s garage and pick it up shinning like a new one with our ultimate detailing services. The detailing service at Mum Sports mean considering all the details inside and out and giving your vehicle a complete overhaul from exterior to interior. It is quite common for the car protection sheet to get swirl marks with the machine wash or regular wash. Therefore, our car experts craft manual car detailing experiences for our clients, customized per the make and model of the car.

From vacuuming carpets and mats to polishing and organizing dash, we aim at a brand-new look for your interior. From washing tires, rims, and body to clean the engine, we work around all curves and corners to make them shine like new. We treat each material in your car including metal, plastic, leather, and fabric appropriately based on manufacturer’s instructions.

Using the high-quality products and tools, we are able to deliver a jaw-opening experience to our clients who cannot believe at the renewed look of their car. What Sets Us Apart from Ordinary Car Wash?

  • Skilled staff with experience of working on car protection
  • Technologically advanced with latest tools
  • Availability of all washing and cleaning equipment at one place
  • Hand wash and Hand dry
  • Premium service including all interior and exterior details
  • Affordability at the best value
  • On-call appointments and quotes
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