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Chrome delete is a service that covers up the chrome accents on your vehicle’s windows, grille, door handles and badging. Most cars come equipped with chrome accents, and sometimes that look doesn’t match with the style that you are trying to achieve. If you want them covered up, we have the professionals to get it done. We can wrap any visible piece of chrome to give your car the sleekest black accents. This process is accomplished with an ultra-scratch resistant vinyl film that is lightly stretched around your car’s chrome pieces. The process of installing vinyl film on your chrome pieces is 100% reversible. It can be removed at any time and it doesn’t damage or alter the original look and feel of the chrome pieces. The original chrome will maintain its original look shine and it will serve as a protective layer to your original pieces.

The process is 100% removable and multiple colors are available. Satin black and shiny black are the most popular colors.


Porsche Panarama Chrome delete
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