Does Paint Protection Film Really Work?

Protecting your vehicle’s fresh paint coat is of prime concern for any automotive enthusiast. When a vehicle leaves the manufacturing factory, it is topped off with a clear coat, which is a temporary form of defense for your new car. However, this is not a permanent protection to keep your car looking new.

Peeled, faded, chipped, and cracked paint are outcomes we aim to avoid to keep the vehicle looking new; Many automotive enthusiasts look for a long term, all inclusive option when it comes to protecting their vehicle’s paint.

Paint protection film (PPF), is one of the most popular and comprehensive ways to cover the paint of a car’s paint. The main question about PPF remains, however: Does paint protection film really work?

In this blog post we highlight the benefits of PPF and take you behind the scenes of the application process on a Porsche Cayman paint protection film application at our shop in the Bay Area.

Porsche Cayman PPF

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a thermoplastic self healing film applied onto a vehicle to protect the paint from chips, swirls, scratches, and abrasions. It is a way to shield a vehicle’s surfaces from damages cause by the most abrasive debris. Fun fact: PPF was invented back in the 1960s during the Vietnam war to protect helicopters from flying shrapnel, dust, and debris. The researchers who developed this technology eventually developed a film that, in time, evolved into the modern day PPF we use today.

PPF is a polyurethane film that goes over your vehicle and covers the car’s top coat, forming a tight bond that protects the vehicle form harmful radiation as well as physical damage. Polyurethane film is an elastic polymer with the unique quality to self heal, which removes any minor damage while the PPF is on.

So… does Paint Protection Film really work?

Yes! PPF is a great addition to your vehicle and has a variety of benefits.

  • Protection: The most obvious, and clearly stated benefit of PPF is its protective qualities! The Xpel PPF we utilize at MUM Sports prevents dirt, debris, and dust from reaching your vehicle’s original paint. If PPF is hit by a particularly abrasive piece of debris, the film is capable of self healing with a small amount of applied heat.
  • UV Ray Resistance: Physical debris is not the only risk to your vehicle’s new paint coat. While unable to be seen by our eyes, the sun’s rays in fact have a fading effect on the paint of your vehicle. Xpel PPF protects against UV rays, keeping your car safe from UV and IR radiation. At our shop, PPF is also applied to your headlights to ensure they are protected against and prevented from yellowing.
  • Enhances Your Finish: PPF can boost your vehicles shine! We offer PPF in our clear finish and matte, or stealth look. Enhance your vehicle’s shine with the glossy, clear film as highlighted above on the Porsche job, or go for a stealth finish for a sleek look. Both PPFs are of the utmost quality and will enhance the overall look of our car while offering the aforementioned protective services!
  • Peace of Mind: Being able to cruise on the road knowing that your vehicle is protected from rocks and chips is a pleasant experience for our PPF customers. Furthermore, you can rest assured with the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s body will be protected and preserved for years to come; this is a great benefit for the future whenever you decide to sell your vehicle.

PPF provides a variety of benefits, and it’s important to do your research and understand what your goals are for your vehicle’s appearance and longevity. Ceramic coating is an alternative method to preserve your vehicle’s paint, and is a great complimentary addition to PPF as well.

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PPF is an investment in protecting and preserving a vehicle’s paint. It offers clear benefits, including resistance to environmental conditions, increased retail value, and ease of cleaning. PPF is an incredible addition to any vehicle. Call 510.657.3224 to schedule your appointment for PPF today!

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