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Paint Protection Film San Jose

Who We Are

At Mum Sports we have a passion for automotive customization and a talented team to bring our customers’ ideas to life. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area’s automotive hub where we have been paint protection specialists for over 15 years. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality work possible in a timely manner at a competitive price. Our services include paint protection, window tinting, chrome delete, powder-coating wheels, painting calipers and auto detailing. 

We are a part of the International Detailing Association and partner with luxury dealerships throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including Fletcher Jones’ Porsche, Audi Livermore, Land Rover Livermore and Los Gatos Luxury Cars. We also service Tesla’s on a daily basis and are conveniently located down the street from the Tesla dealership. 

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Our Specialities

Paint Protection Film Application: Here at Mum Sports we custom cut our pieces to ensure we wrap the edges resulting in maximum coverage. The goal is to make it look like there is no PPF. We believe that paint protection film should be a priority upgrade to shield your paint from stone chips and provide you peace of mind with the 10 year warranty. Our installers are authorized through XPEL and have been using this product for years. Check out our paint protection film page for the various PPF packages we offer. 

Ceramic Pro: We are authorized Ceramic Pro installers. Ceramic Pro is a clear liquid that is applied to your car to chemically bond to the surface to create a durable shield, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and corrosion. We offer a range of packages designed to offer flexibility to keep your car looking pristine. Our most popular package is our Mum’s Package that offers 3 layers of 9H Ceramic Pro coating on all paintwork and trim plus an extra layer on exposed areas, a ‘light’ top coat layer as well as a ‘rain’ layer for your windshield and side windows. Our team is professionally trained and certified to apply Ceramic Pro coating to your vehicle. 

Tint: Window tinting not only enhances the style of your car but provides protection from UV rays for both you and the interior of your vehicle. We provide a variety of options from brand to darkness. Our options offer premium level protection against fading and harmful UV rays.


Paint protection film: We are certified paint protection installers and certified by XPEL. We are one of three businesses that carry the XPEL brand and who are certified to install here in Fremont, CA. We believe that paint protection film should be a priority upgrade to shield your paint from stone chips and provide you peace of mind with the 10 year warranty.

Ceramic Pro: Ceramic Pro is a clear liquid that is applied in layers. When cured, the technology of this nano-ceramic liquid coating is transformed on the surface to create a permanent, durable and flexible glass shield. It is a popular project to add ceramic pro on top of paint protection film for that added protection and new look.

One Stop Shop

We are truly a one stop shop for all your automotive customization and detailing needs. We offer paint protection, ceramic coating, window tinting, powder coating, auto detailing, caliper painting, chrome delete, as well as interior and exterior detailing. Paint protection and ceramic coating are our most popular services in which we provide a variety of packages to allow you freedom of choice to decide what is best for you and your car. 

Our work

Take a look at some of our finished work ranging from Teslas, BMW, Benz, and much more. We have a wide range of experience and have been in the industry for many years. As authorized Xpel installers, we have been using this product for so long that we have become experts in the business. We know exactly what our customers are looking for. For high quality performance and protection, consider bringing your vehicle to us, Mum Sports. 

Porsche, Macan, PPF, Paint Protection Film,
BMW X5, PPF, Paint Protection Film


Why should you choose Mum Sports? Check out what our customers have to say about us!

“Great experience with MUM Sports. Sayed was professional, staff was focused, shop was very clean. I got Full Front PPF installed. I dropped off my car around 11am and was ready the following day by 330pm. They communicated well and I was very happy with the end result. Sayed asked me multiple times if I had any questions to ensure I was complete with any unknowns or uncertainties. They include a 10year warranty for defects and also request the car is brought back in 10day to inspect their work for any rework needed. Very professional. I highly recommend.” -Ryan

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“MUM Sports did an excellent job at powder coating my Ubertine wheels to satin black a week ago. I loved the result that I scheduled tint work on my front driver and passenger side windows. It came out perfect again today. Sayed and the staff are very skilled and friendly. They are very easy to talk to and know how to take care of their customers. They even washed my car before pick up time FOR FREE. If I still needed PPF I would have scheduled for that work too after Sayed showed me the projects they were working on. They’re PPF install is very clean. So if you’re reading this and you are thinking of getting some work done on your car, check out MUM Sports. They’re definitely one of the best (if not the best) in the bay area.” -Albert

“I have been coming to Mum Sports for years now and have never been disappointed. Sayed and his team are extremely professional and detailed oriented. They have protected multiple vehicles for me and I constantly get compliments. Their pricing is also extremely competitive and still  provide high quality work. Recently they have protected my 2022 BMW X5 M sport.” -Erhan

Mustang, Mach-e, PPF, Paint Protection Film

Our high attention to detail makes us stand out from the rest leaving our clients happy and satisfied. If you are looking to get your Tesla protected, call us at 510.453.0996 and mention this blog post for 10% off. 

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