The Difference between Xpel Black and Xpel Prime XR Plus Window Tint

Car window tinting is a great way to provide protection from the sun, give privacy and security, and give your vehicle some extra style! At MUM Sports, we offer two types of window tints: Xpel XR Black and Xpel Premium Plus. Our clients typically inquire on the differences between the XR Black and XR Prime product, in this blog post we aim to highlight the benefits of window tinting, ass well as differences between the the Black and Prime product.

Lucid Air with Window Tint done at MUM Sports.

Benefit of Window Tint

  • UV Protection: Xpel window tinting materials are made with UV Protection in mind, and arguably, this protection is the biggest reason to invest in a tint. Spending hours in your vehicle can be tough on not only your passengers, but your vehicle’s interior as well. Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is a great benefit of window tint.
  • Heat Protection: Not only does Xpel window tint block out the harmful ultraviolet rays, it does wonders for protecting you and your vehicle from excess heat. The dyed film blocks heat to ensure you’re protected from the heat.
  • Increased Privacy: Lower percentages on your tint gives an increased amount of privacy, as the percentages on the tint lowers, the privacy in your vehicle increases. Darker tint means higher difficulty for those outside to look into the interior of your vehicle.
  • Cooler Interior: The interior of your vehicle is much hotter than the temperature outside. Some statistics taken from a local meteorologist suggest that after only 10 minutes of a vehicle being parked with the doors closed, the temperature rises 19 degrees above that of outdoors. After an hour, the indoor temperature can rise to a whopping 43 degrees higher than outside. Window tinting can fight against these temperature rises and keep the inside of your vehicle cooler for longer.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Along with functional benefits, window tinting gives your vehicle a chic, sleek look. This will make your vehicle stand out from the rest and keep it recognizable for years to come.

Let’s chat about the two options of window tint we have available here at MUM Sports:

Xpel XR Black

XR Black is a great option for those wishing to combine value, performance, and aesthetic. This choice of tint is dark in appearance and compliments your vehicle while maintaining a high level of heat rejection and privacy. The color in the dyed XR Black films acts as a shield against the heat of the sun. The level of tint can be dramatic or subtle, easily helping you achieve the unique style and desired level of heat rejection you are looking for.

Xpel XR Prime Plus

The Xpel XR Plus delivers exceptional performance and advanced features for those seeking window tint technology while maintaining the benefits of XR Black. This premium tint offers superior heat rejection, increased clarity, and a 10% increase in UV Protection. The XR Plus is a great option for those driving with children, the elderly, or in particularly hot climates (perfect for the Arizona and Palm Springs travelers). XR Plus is a personal favorite of our clients here in NorCal, as it gives them higher quality and the added protection against the California heat.

Final Notes

The key difference between XR Prime and XR Black? XR Prime’s 10% improvement in UV Protection and heat rejection gives it a step over the XR Black; with the Prime being the choice option for those looking to invest in window tint. However, the XR Black is a great option is you feel the extra features in the XR Plus are not aligned with your driving needs.

Ready to schedule your window tint appointment? Need more information than provided in the article? Give us a call at 510.657.3224 for more information today!

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